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Kristy has spent a decade pursuing science and the unknown. She has written for WIRED, Science Magazine, Hakai Magazine, Business Insider, Mongabay, Bay Crossings Magazine, and more. Her WIRED article was featured on the website's front page as a "Today's Picks" piece. The New York Times also mentioned her article about a DNA test to help law enforcement catch people illegally trading precious red coral in their Climate Forward weekly email newsletter. She has been a podcast host and video editor for Science Magazine, covered all-female expeditions to Antarctica, hitchhiked and ice-climbed in Hyalite Canyon, lived in the desert in an RV, slept in the back of a van, moderated a conference on the sustainability of cell-based seafood, climbed in Yosemite and the Dolomites, road tripped across the United States, lived in Ukraine for two months, trekked forests in search of albino redwood trees, was invited as a journalism fellow to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute during a storm that ripped through town… and now she’s writing two books! 


Her first book Nature’s Wild Ideas: How the Natural World is Inspiring Scientific Innovation was released to critical acclaim in Fall, 2022. The paperback version will be released next year. Nature's Wild Ideas will also be translated into multiple languages. Kristy has two degrees in Journalism and Neuroscience. She loves perusing local book-stores in each town she visits. When she's not on the road, she lives in San Francisco. Her favorite bookstore from childhood is Kepler's Books in Menlo Park.

Literary Agency Representation: Sterling Lord Literistic Inc.
An agency with a diverse and successful client list, including Pulitzer Prize winners, commercial novelists, and journalists.

Awards/Fellowships/Speaking Events:
WHOI Ocean Science Fellowship Massachusetts, 2019 | Intermountain West Joint Venture, Fire & Invasives in Sagebrush Country Fellow, Nevada, 2019 | Good Food Conference, Moderator - Sustainability in Cell-Based Seafood, San Francisco, 2019 | Planet Home, Panelist - How Can Science Help Us Solve Our Ocean’s Challenges, San Francisco, 2019 | New York Screenplay Contest Official Finalist, New York, 2014 | World Series Screenwriting Finalist, 2013 | Scribendi, 24th edition, Linear Free Fall, Photo-graphy Section. 

In her spare time, Kristy is a hobbyist photographer, capturing everything from illegally trafficked creatures and coral labs to sport climbs and ice core vaults.

"Love your article. Once again, thank you so much for your interest in our work."
- Reuben Shipway
Research Associate, Northeastern University

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