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​​​​Kristy Hamilton is a science and environmental journalist based in California. She spent months in rural Greece with villagers after the 2007 fires, reported on an all-female expedition to Antarctica, and filed stories from NASA headquarters. 


She is a 2019 WHOI Ocean Science Journalism Fellow. This year, she was invited by the Intermountain West Joint Venture to learn about the environmental dangers in Wild West country. An occasional moderator and panelist, she spoke in September about innovations in seafood sustainability and the future of food in cell-based fish and crustaceans.


Previously, she worked as a podcast host, writer, and video editor for Science Magazine in Washington, DC, and worked as a producer for UWTV in Seattle. She has two finalist awards in screenplay contests. 


In her spare time, she climbs, travels, and is an aficionado of the ocean and mountains in equal measure.