Kristy Hamilton is a science journalist and forthcoming nonfiction author with Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc. She has spent months in rural Greece with villagers after the 2007 fires, reported on an all-female expedition to Antarctica, and filed stories from NASA headquarters. 


Previously, she worked as a podcast host, writer, and video editor for Science Magazine in Washington, DC. An occasional moderator and panelist, she spoke at the Good Food Conference about innovations in seafood sustainability and the future of food in cell-based fish and crustaceans. Her work has appeared in Science Magazine, Business Insider, Hakai Magazine, Yale News, The International Ocean Film Festival, Bay Crossings Magazine, and The Seattle Weekly, among others.


Awards/Fellowships/Speaking Events:

WHOI Ocean Science Fellowship Massachusetts, 2019 | Intermountain West Joint Venture, Fire & Invasives in Sagebrush Country Fellow, Nevada, 2019 | Good Food Conference, Moderator - Sustainability in Cell-Based Seafood, San Francisco, 2019 | Planet Home, Panelist - How Can Science Help Us Solve Our Ocean’s Challenges, San Francisco, 2019 | New York Screenplay Contest Official Finalist, New York, 2014 | World Series Screenwriting Finalist, 2013 | Scribendi, 24th edition, Linear Free Fall, Photography Competition.


"Love your article. Once again, thank you so much for your interest in our work."

- Reuben Shipway

Research Associate, Northeastern University

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